4th-12th March 2023

 The YIWW Programme is over for another year. But the need for Solidarity, for connection, and for work towards justice, continues.

Right at the start of planning for YIWW2023 we asked: What happens when women and girls get together? How can we learn from one another? What connections can we build with each other across class, race, ethnicity, disabilities, age, sexuality, religion, culture? How can we shift our ideas and our practices to work together in the face of structural inequalities? How can we build solidarity across organisations and individuals to create a better, more just future for all? For YIWW2023, let’s reach out to women and girls across York and beyond, coming together for fun, for information, to plan, to gain strength, to take time out.

In what ways did we manage any of this? Did we, together, nudge our thinking and our practices towards a more just and equitable present and future for all women?  Let us know what you did as part of YIWW2023. What was useful, enjoyable? What can we learn for the future?  

What now? 
If you missed an event, find out more by checking details in the Programme, or visiting the ‘As it Happened‘ page which will gradually fill up with info from events, including recordings of talks, links to a host of short feminist films, and photos. 

We’ll be adding a review of YIWW2023 to this website  in May. 

Don’t forget the annual ‘late event’: the brilliant Femmes Fortissimo women’s brass band,  Saturday 22nd April. Book soon before the tickets sell out as they did last year! 

If you’d like to join the friendly and informal coordinating group of volunteers, email us for a no-commitment chat.  There are a few more details here.

And if you’d like to be added to our mailing list and be among the first to find out about YIWW2024, also email us.

Send us details of your local feminist organisations to be added to this page. 

In solidarity from the 2023 coordinating group:
Marilyn, Ann, Penny, Erin, Georgia, Lola, Candi, Lizzie, Margaret and Rose

contact: yorkwomensvoices@gmail.com

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