4th-12th March 2023

 The YIWW Programme is over for another year. But the need for Solidarity, for connection, and for work towards justice, continues.

York International Women’s Week is an annual grassroots programme, now in its 14th year in this form. We mark International Women’s Day, 8th March, with events that honour women’s achievements locally and globally while also working towards more knowledge and practical ways of effecting change in women’s lives.

Given this purpose, and the current struggles many people are experiencing, our plans for YIWW2023 centred around the theme of ‘Solidarity’. In our ‘Call for Events’ we invited local women “to organise an event that places women and girls at the heart of the current challenges facing the UK and world today”.  

We asked: What happens when women get together? How can we learn from one another? What connections can we build with each other across class, race, ethnicity, disabilities, age, sexuality, religion, culture? How can we shift our ideas and our practices to work together in the face of structural inequalities? How can we build solidarity across organisations and individuals to create a better, more just future for all? For YIWW2023, let’s reach out to women across York and beyond, coming together for fun, for information, to plan, to gain strength, to take time ou

The review of YIWW2023 continues here –  

contact: yorkwomensvoices@gmail.com

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