York Racial Equality Network

YREN logo: a circle of hand prints in different flesh shades, surrounded by a green hoop with the words 'York Racial Equality Network'.
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For YIWW 2022 York Racial Equality Network (YREN)  organised a ‘Create, plant and grow’ session, a hands-on workshop during which participants created and decorated plant pots using recycled materials, and then planted them with vegetables and flowers. This fun event was an opportunity to learn more about the work of YREN, and also highlighted the issue of food insecurity which affects women all around the world.

Here are a couple of photos of our pots:

two photographs of DIY plantpots: round and rectangular containers decorated in a bright collage design and containing soil.

YREN was established in 1992, making this year our 30th anniversary. We encourage friendship and harmony amongst people of all cultures and make our events inclusive for everyone to attend and aim to include all communities. We stand up to discrimination and race hate through our Race Hate Crime Reporting Centre. 

Our programme of events is developed jointly with our members, we listen to their lived experiences and concerns at our Open Forums and we aim to combat isolation through our weekly group sessions. 

Please visit our website https://yren.co.uk and Twitter pages https://twitter.com/YorkRacial for details of our weekly events.