Programme 2021

Booking essential for all events, to obtain Zoom or other online link.

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Tuesday 2nd March, 7.30-10.30,  York Spoken Word Poetry and Prose Open Mic

Friday 5th March, 12.00-1.00,  Fairtrade Connections: Farming in a time of Covid


All week, Exhibition: Women Activists during the Covid Crisis  

Saturday 6th March, 10.30-11.45, Yoga for All, Yoga for ‘FROK’                                     

                                     1.00- 2.15, FROK, pandemic experiences in York & NW Pakistan  

Sunday 7th March, 3.00-4.00,   Femmes Fortissimo: Women Banding Together

Monday 8th – Friday 12th March, Kyra Celebrates for YIWW

Monday 8th March, 6.00-7.00, Herstory York: Making Invisible Women Visible

Tuesday 9th March, 7.30-8.30, Spotlight on Women in the Covid Pandemic 

Wednesday 10th March, 3.00-4.00, Women Activists During the Covid-19 Crisis – Conversations on Arctivism

Thursday 11th March, 11-12.00, Find out what advocacy is

                                         6.30- 8.00, Women and the Russian Revolution  

                               , St Nicks Creating Light in the Dark 

Friday 12th March,, AMENDED TIME 1.00-3.00  ‘So far, right now & onwards . . .’   

Saturday 13th March, 12.30-1.30, Women and Natural Medicine in Times of Plague  

                                        2.00-3.15, A piece of my jigsaw

 Sunday 14th March, 10-12.00, Finding connection in a time of separation (NOW ONLINE) 

                                       3.00-4.30, Question Time? Women in a Time of Plague

All events online, most on Zoom. Check the ‘Participant’ menu link for advice if you are a Zoom beginner.