YIWW2021 Programme

Booking essential for all events, to obtain Zoom or other online link.

Any amendments will be posted on this page as we know about them.
Programme updated 2nd March.

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  • downloading the full YIWW2021_Programme PDF (updated 8th March)
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Tuesday 2nd March, 7.30-10.30,  York Spoken Word Poetry and Prose Open Mic

Friday 5th March, 12.00-1.00,  Fairtrade Connections: Farming in a time of Covid


All week, Exhibition: Women Activists during the Covid Crisis  

Saturday 6th March, 10.30-11.45, Yoga for All, Yoga for ‘FROK’                                     

                                     1.00- 2.15, FROK, pandemic experiences in York & NW Pakistan  

Sunday 7th March, 3.00-4.00,   Femmes Fortissimo: Women Banding Together

Monday 8th – Friday 12th March, Kyra Celebrates for YIWW

Monday 8th March, 6.00-7.00, Herstory York: Making Invisible Women Visible

Tuesday 9th March, 7.30-8.30, Spotlight on Women in the Covid Pandemic 

Wednesday 10th March, 3.00-4.00, Women Activists During the Covid-19 Crisis – Conversations on Arctivism

Thursday 11th March, 11-12.00, Find out what advocacy is

                                         6.30- 8.00, Women and the Russian Revolution SOLD OUT 

                               , St Nicks Creating Light in the Dark SOLD OUT 

Friday 12th March,, AMENDED TIME 1.00-3.00  ‘So far, right now & onwards . . .’   

Saturday 13th March, 12.30-1.30, Women and Natural Medicine in Times of Plague  

                                        2.00-3.15, A piece of my jigsaw

 Sunday 14th March, 10-12.00, Finding connection in a time of separation (NOW ONLINE) SOLD OUT

                                       3.00-4.30, Question Time? Women in a Time of Plague

All events online, most on Zoom. Check the ‘Participant’ menu link for advice if you are a Zoom beginner.