Theme for 2021: Women in a time of plague
6th – 14th March – and onwards!

YIWW2021 is over, but not the thinking and necessity for change. 

If you missed an event, or want to re-live it, check out our As it Happened page, for pictures, video links and comments posted just after events. 

If you want to follow up on an event, browse the YIWW2021_Programme PDF for contact details of all the organisers. 

For the report on YIWW2021, see the Feedback 2021 page. 

It was certainly a challenging time. In January – March 2021 we in the UK lived through a critical stage of the pandemic, with very high rates of infections, serious illnesses and deaths, alongside a restrictive lockdown. We were also becoming aware of specific ways in which the pandemic was disproportionally affecting women as a result of gendered patterns of living, for instance through family responsibilities, often alongside paid work; via employment in society-sustaining jobs in caring and grocery; and, for some, being shut at home with abusive partners. [. . .] Yet It was exciting to see what local women came up with to explore the implications of life in a pandemic for women locally and globally.”  

For 2021 we made the most of the internet as we welcomed not only local people, but also those living elsewhere in the UK, the rest of Europe and the world to join us in virtual York for discussion, information, relaxation, support and activism. We intend to learn from organising online events, and next year – with luck and concentrated efforts nationally and globally to manage the current viruses – we hope to be able to offer a more balanced programme of face-to-face and online events. What would you like to see? Do you have passions, skills, and ideas that might become an event for 2022- some events are organised by individuals, some by organisations: what might you be able to offer? What does it mean to have YORK international Women’s Week – how local should we remain, or should we reach out more? 

Many thanks to our financial supporters (click on the images below for details of these organisations): 

logos of Y.I.W.W. sponsors. Joseph Rowntree Foundation, York Human Rights City, Centre for Women's Studies and Centre for Applied Human Rights University of York

With hope and warm wishes to everyone living in the pandemic, whatever your situation,  from the YIWW2021 Coordinating Group: Rose Drew, Pilar Girvan, Penny Bainbridge, Marilyn Crawshaw, Margaret Everall, Kim Stephen, Kate Hignett, June Tranmer, Jamie Khoo, Candi Colburn, Ann Kaloski. 

Want to get involved in YIWW2022 as a Coordinator, Event Organiser or Participant? Check out details here, and email yorkwomensvoices@gmail.com for more details.