YIWW 2022

YIWW 2022 welcomed events that place self-identified women and girls at the heart of climate change. We encouraged many different responses to the theme, from everyday concerns to the big challenges. We also welcomed events that fell outside the main theme, but are important to women and girls, in our ‘open strand’ of vital issues.

Find out more about YIWW2022’s informative, inspiring and fun events and the individuals and organisations who delivered them. Check out our Supporters, who helped us financially and practically, and enabled us to offer technology support and to print Programmes.  

THANK YOU to everyone who helped to bring YIWW2022 to fruition – let us know what you think, and consider joining us for YIWW2023. contact

Events Extra: ‘As it Happened 2022’

YIWW2022 started here: ‘Call for Events’

We aim to post a review of YIWW2022 later this month (May).

Many thanks to our Supporting Organisations.