. . . to York International Women’s Week 2023! 

Each year York International Women’s Week (YIWW) spans International Women’s Day, 8th March, focusing on women’s rights and gender justice, as well as celebrating women’s achievements.

We recognise that life is especially difficult for many, many people just now – and this is all the more reason to come together in-perosn and online. 

Our theme of ‘Solidarity’ spreads across all activities in the Programme, as we ask: What happens when women get together? What connections can we build with each other across class, race, ethnicity, disability, age, sexuality, religion, culture? How can we shift our ideas and our practices to work together in the face of structural inequalities? How can we build solidarity across organisations, cultures and individuals to create a better, more just future for all, celebrating our differences and recognising our commonalities?

Whether we are swapping clothes, having fun with crafts, challenging ourselves through art and performance, listening to thoughtful lectures or discussing vital issues – let’s gather and see what happens.

We warmly invite you to browse the Programme and join in. YIWW2023 offers both in-person and online activities. Many need to be booked in advance, most are free and most are open to all interested people. 

We want as many people as possible to take part so if you need any practical, IT or financial assistance, please get in touch. We have specific funds to support access, and a dedicated technology- support person.

York International Women’s Week is a community event pulled together by local volunteers. We are delighted to include organisers taking part for the first time, as well as welcoming back familiar faces.

We look forward to welcoming you to one event or many, in York or on-line. Please contact us if we can help you take part. 

In solidarity from the 2023 coordinating group:
Marilyn, Ann, Penny, Erin, Georgia, Lola, Candi, Lizzie, Margaret and Rose.