Info for Participants

Register for ‘Beginners Guide to Zoom Events’:
email or phone 01904 702060

Welcome to YIWW2021. We hope as many people as possible will join us this year to explore women’s lives and support each other through these times of plague.

If you are new to Zoom events please see the bottom of this page for our suggestions of how to get support, and check out the Guides above.

YIWW is based in York, UK. It’s a community event, run by individuals and organisations from the area, all on a not-for-profit basis. Past events have attracted participants from York and Yorkshire, and spanned topics relevant to our homeplace as well as those linked to women’s organisations in various parts of the world, encouraging us all to ‘think globally, act locally’ around women’s rights.

This year, as most events are online, we are open for local residents as well as people from the rest of the country and the world. We extend a warm welcome to you, wherever you are living – please do check the Programme and join us.

Nonetheless, we retain our community commitment, and we are keen to especially support local people who are new to online events. If you like the sound of an event but have not yet tried online events (for YIWW usually Zoom, or a similar system) then we encourage you to have a go. While many people have tried Zoom for the first time during the Covid-crisis to contact friends and family, or for work, it is still unknown to many.

Support for participating in Zoom events: If you have access to a laptop or desktop computer and are used to accessing websites, support is available to help you try Zoom. Ways to start:
—–Contact the event organiser, as they are all committed to helping as many as possible join in. Their details are in the Programme. 
—–YIWW2021 is offering a free online ‘Beginners Guide to Zoom Events’ on 25th February at 5pm. Contact us by phone or email to sign up, or for details. [NOW CLOSED, but do contact individual event organisers or YIWW2020 if you would like more support]
—–Feel free to email us with general queries about online participation – basic questions welcome!