Detailed Guidelines

for organising online events

Online platform examples


This practical guide was created by Founders and Coders, a UK based non-profit, and offers a simple guide to Zooming

This guide offers some quick tips on keeping safe during Zoom sessions. Relevant for organisers.

Google Meet

The Google website has a comprehensive guide to creating meetings for up to 250 people depending on which edition of Google Workspace you are using.

Blogs and personal websites

If you don’t already have one, blogs and websites can be set up quickly and at no cost (although with limited usability) using website builders such as WordPress or Wix. These websites take you through the creation of your site, step-by-step, and make it relatively easy to create. See the PDF above for some quick helpful suggestions.

YouTube live streaming

The article above offers a simple and comprehensive guide to creating a live YouTube event. It includes helpful visuals and ways in which you can integrate your event with other media sites such as Twitter.

Creating events with ticketing websites

Eventbrite and Ticket Tailor are independent platforms used for hosting local events. You can create tickets (see our guidelines concerning the non-profit nature of YIWW21), invite specific people and/or share the event through a multitude of online platforms. Both websites will walk you through the creation of your event but if you want a bit of extra information before reaching this stage please see the PDF above. Please note, both websites will take a small commission for any tickets which are sold for monetary value. There is however no charge if your event is free – see respective websites for details.