Haiku from the Heart

Real People Theatre
(the 22nd year we have contributed a show or workshop to YIWW!)

A workshop held on 12th March, facilatated by Sue Lister of Real People Theatre.

Sue writes: “Six women became so involved in creating haiku inspired by images and exploring the elements Air, Water and Fire that we ran out of time and booked ourselves a second zoom on the following weekend to finish with a triumphant “Earth”. Recordings to be edited and uploaded to YouTube “ListerInteractions”. Written haiku will find their way to the Real People Theatre website – www.realpeopletheatre.co.uk.”

image of multiple 'tree people' on grass mound. White lower trunks leading to brown chests and arms ending n pin and white blossom and reaching into blue sky with white clouds.
Blue sea and sky framed by brown branch on top and brown land on bototme. Focus on distant red active firey volcano rising from brown island.
Brown stylised tree truck rising from white blossom, with human-like face and hands, and twigs for hair. Surrounded by birds, and situated in a yellow and blue dreamlike landscape.
Background is a dripping paint-effect rainbow. Foreground is a drawing of the back of a female figure with long hair, in a knee-length fitted garment and holding an umbrella,

Our music inspiration was: AIR – Grieg: Morning; WATER – the theme from Schlindler’s List; FIRE – Mussorgsky: Night on a Bare Mountain; EARTH – Enya: A Day Without Rain. [But technically, on Zoom, I couldn’t find a way to share screen and sound and click through multiple images on a PowerPoint slide all at the same time…. Tips welcome!]

Here is a final flurry of Ukraine-inspired haiku that I had to express:

Lies drive them onwards
Mad men attack while NATO creeps
War sings in the blood

Black despair crumbles hope
Blind lead the blind to hell
Weep, my sisters, weep

Time after time 
War leaves its imprint on the earth…
Yet flowers bloom in spring

I love and have loved
Bridge the gap and take my hand
I hope to love again

Sue Lister
Artistic Director
Real People Theatre
01904 488870