Guidelines for entry to YIWW2021

These Guidelines contain detailed information and hints to be read as you complete the Application Form. You can download the PDF file, or read the Guidelines on the page below.

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Thank you for your interest in taking part in York International Women’s Week 2021 (YIWW2021). 

Submissions are welcomed for a range of women’s events. We especially encourage applications from women whose ideas are often ignored or whose voices tend to be silenced in mainstream culture, as well as events which aim to attract women who might not otherwise take part.  

Applications for entry into the Programme will be considered for their relevance to our theme of ‘Women in a time of Plague’. Decisions on inclusion will be taken by the coordinating group*. YIWW2021 will take place from 6th to 14th March but we will consider events just outside of this period for inclusion. 

These are unusual times and most YIWW2021 events are likely to be online (though we hope some in-person activities will be possible). If digital events are new to you, don’t be put off – we are delighted that the Joseph Rowntree’s Trust are funding us to provide basic technical training and support to those organising online events. The YIWW website at offers ‘how-to’ guides to help you deliver accessible and safe online events, as well as guides linked to useful media platforms where you might host your event. These guides might be all you need; however, if you have an event idea but no idea where to start with online organisation email us at and we will help. 

Please read through all the questions in the Application Form alongside these Guidelines and gather the requested information before you start your submission. Set aside sufficient time to complete the form as you will not be able to save it on the system to return to later. 


This information is for the YIWW2021 coordinating group and will not be included in the Programme.

Your information: These details are for us to contact you if we need to discuss an aspect of your entry; if more than one person is organising the event we welcome details for 2 or 3 people as time is usually tight when we are putting together the Programme! Feel free to indicate a main contact, if relevant. The ‘external’ contact for the Programme details (see Section 2) should be one person (and can be someone different from these contacts, but need not be).   

Please explain how your event contributes to this year’s theme of ‘Women in a time of Plague’:  We are open to a wide variety of connections to the theme, ranging across economic, political, cultural, creative and health issues as relevant locally, nationally and globally. 

Is there a charge for the event and how will the money be used?:  Events must either be ‘not-for-profit’ or must raise funds for a named women’s charity or organisation.  Many events in YIWW2020 were free to participants, whether run by individuals, charities or businesses. 

If you are a women’s charity/organisation with any profits coming to you, please state the name of your organisation.

Please note that events for which there is a charge, including events run by businesses, can only be accepted if any profits are donated to a women’s organisation/charity and the beneficiary is stated clearly in the entry. Profits for this purpose are defined as anything left over from the costs of room hire, refreshments, online expenses and so on.  YIWW2021 is put together by volunteers and while we fully support women running their own businesses, it is in the spirit of YIWW2021 that money is not generated for businesses. In addition, we do not accept entries for events that include asking participants to ‘sign up’ to any ongoing financial commitment.  Any donation or purchase must be a one-off payment.

If you are unsure whether what you are planning is eligible, feel free to contact us to discuss.


These details are for direct inclusion in the Programme. If your event is accepted we will ask you to check your details in the draft Programme, but only minor corrections are possible at that stage. 

Event title: Please make this as informative as possible, without being too long! 

Date and times:  If the event is repeated during the week, please add details in the ‘Repeat Events’ box. 

Event Format:

Online Live Event: This refers to activities such as workshops, panel meetings, talks and readings which use Zoom, Ticket Tailor, Google Hangouts or similar sites. 

Online Ongoing Event:  This refers to events such as exhibitions, showcases and videos, which are likely to be on a website, YouTube channel or social media site. 

In-person Event: We hope certain in-person events will be possible, for example a socially-distanced small indoor workshop or an outside activity. As Covid-19 restrictions may reduce room capacity, you are strongly advised to take bookings in advance to manage attendance numbers. Please be flexible when planning an in-person event to take account of any changing government rules and safety concerns in March 2021. 

Hybrid Event: This is a ‘blended’ event that can be attended online (live or ongoing) and/or in-person. For instance, you may have a small in-person event in a suitable venue, with some participants joining by Zoom, or you may have two similar events, one online and one in-person. 

Event venue details:

Online Live Event:  A venue address is not required but please state the platform you will use (Zoom, Ticket Tailor etc). Normal practice is to send the URL of an online live event to registered participants just before the event, this custom improves the safety of the event by decreasing the ability of trolls or hackers to enter the online room.

Online Ongoing Event:  Please state the URL of the event or provide an Eventbrite or similar address if you require advance booking.

In-person Event: Please state the full postal address of the venue including postcode.

Hybrid Event: Please include relevant details of all ‘venues’ e.g. address/platform or URL. 

Cost of event: You may charge for expenses (e.g. room or technical support) but the event must be either ‘not-for-profit’ or to raise funds for a women’s charity/organisation. Please refer to the details in Section 1 of these Guidelines for an explanation of what we mean by ‘not-for-profit’.

Booking in advance: We strongly advise advance booking to limit numbers for in-person events, and for safety for all live events. 

How to book:  This may be formal (in which case please state the Eventbrite or website URL), or more informal (please state an email or phone number where people can register). 

Please describe your event in no more than 70 words/450 characters: The description is limited to an absolute maximum of 450 characters including spaces (about 70 words) in order to fit our Programme templates. Try to include how your event reflects the theme of YIWW2021. We reserve the right to reduce entry descriptions where necessary but will check final wording with you prior to publicising. Please feel free to include an Eventbrite or website address where interested people can find more information. 

If your event is ‘women only’ please make this clear so that we can identify it as such in the programme.  For YIWW2021 events, ‘women only’ means being open to all women who self-identify as women.

Accessibility: We want events to be as accessible as possible. Please explain the accessibility of both your event and the venue, for example whether there is wheelchair access, accessible toilets, hearing loop, captioning, BSL interpreter as relevant. 

Name and contact details of Individual or Organisation putting on this event:  Contact details may be phone, email, website etc as applicable. Organisations and businesses should include a website address. 

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If your entry is accepted for the Programme we may ask for some images to use in publicity, so please think in advance of how you might represent your event visually. 

The Programme will be advertised in print and online. There is no charge for entry thanks to the work of the volunteer coordinating group and local sponsorship.

We ask that you acknowledge that your event is part of YIWW2021 when you do your own publicity.

We will contact you after 14th March to ask how your event went, so please ask participants for feedback that you can collate and send us, and include numbers attending plus any comments that may be helpful for next year’s coordinating group. 

*Coordinating Group: Rose Drew, Pilar Girvan, Penny Bainbridge, Marilyn Crawshaw, Margaret Everall, Kim Stephen, Katy Grant, Kate Hignett, June Tranmer, Candi Colburn, Ann Kaloski