Good Neighbours UK

four  girls in blue tops showing each ther their menstrual packs sewing projects.
Girls in Uganda making sustainable period products

Good Neighbours UK (GNUK) is. York-based organised who offered events in YIWW for the first time in 2022. There was an online talk on girls projects in Uganda and Kyrgyzstan, wonderfully title ‘When Girls can so Everything’, and a photo exhibition and women’s concert in their lovely garden in the headquarters in Castlegate, York.

GNUK is a local and global based humanitarian development NGO. Their aim is to empower communities at home and abroad through sustainable development beyond aid. The organisation focuses on women’s and children’s education and rights awareness, with a view on redressing gender inequity around the world. Strategies used include: infrastructural and practical projects such as tackling period poverty; encouraging girls and women to stand up for their rights by learning about them; and engaging with the broader community to get on board other stakeholders such as boys, men, community leaders and the local government. 

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