Feminist Library

The Making of a Feminist Library: Talk with Artist Aqui Thami
Tuesday 8th March 2022

Aqui Thami in front of bookshelves and a poster promoting the launch of Sister LIbrary in May 2019.

Aqui Thami is a Mumbai-based multidisciplinary artist, activist and academic. She is the founder of the Sister Library which is India’s only feminist library. 

Warch Aqui discuss her work from a taxi cab! Video of Aqui Thami’s talk on YouTube (opens in new tab)

This event is also an urgent fundraiser for women labourers in the Darjeeling tea plantations who are in desperate need of support: lowly paid in good times, and now, due to Covid lockdown and work restrictions, many of the women workers are pushed further into poverty. Please join us as we offer solidarity and support to our sisters in Darjeeling.

All funds raised will be shared directly with the women who have been most affected. If you haven’t already donated here is the link: https://bit.ly/darjeeling-women Even a small amount is very welcome and can make a huge difference. 

Follow Sister Library’s work here: Sister.Library (@sister.library) • Instagram photos and videos  

Follow Aqui Thami’s work here: @aquithami | Linktree

The event was organised by Rupsa Nag, a postgraduate student at the Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York.