Feedback forms to complete

YIWW is now over! Despite the strangeness of the year, we put together a programme for York International Women’s Week, with an excellent variety of events, thanks to you all.

Each year the YIWW coordinating group gather feedback from event organisers so we can get a sense of what works well and what doesn’t, how we as coordinators can make things better – and what we did well and should continue with. Feedback is particularly relevant this year as we moved online with the challenges and opportunities this offered.

Please complete a form for each event you organised, and feel free to write whatever is relevant to your event. YIWW will compile any responses we receive in such a way that there is no public link between your feedback details and individual events or organisers.

In the past we’ve found organisers say it’s easiest to complete feedback shortly after their event, so it would be great to have your feedback by 21st March – but if you would like to send comments, but later, that’s absolutely fine too. 

Thank you so much – you are all amazing!

Please download the form, complete whatever is relevant, and email it back to with ‘Feedback Your Event Title’ in the subject heading.