Event Guides

This page offers links to hints and advice for organising and participating in community events.

Our focus is on supporting people organising events as part of YIWW, but other community organisers may find helpful tips here. Please do email us with any comments, additions, amendments; this is a work-in-progress and continually evolving. Unless otherwise stated, the guides have been put together by the volunteer YIWW coordinating team, and are designed to offer hints and advice from our experiences, rather than definitive information.

Most of the files focus on online events, while the guide to accessibility and inclusivity is relevant for organising both in-person and online events.

If you are taking part in YIWW and have any questions please email us and we’ll do our best to help.

For Organisers:

How to make your in-person and online event accessible and inclusive

How to use video captions on social media (produced by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People, RNID)   

Online Event Safety

Quick ‘How-to’ Guide for organising online events

Detailed Guidelines for organising online events

For Attendees:

Online Event Safety