Trans Politics in India

Discussing Trans Politics in India: Who has rights and who needs reservation? 
Sunday 6th Mrch 2022

This event was a collaboration between Trans Rights Now Collective and the Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York, organised by Rupsa Nag. The speakers were trans and dalit rights activist Grace Banu, lawyer Kanmani Ray, and trans rights activist Negha Shahin, and the session was moderated by scholar and cultural practitioner, Aroh Akunth. For the video of the session, please email

Although the event was free to attend, it is a fundraiser so we urge you to donate generously to give vital support to the Trans Rights Now Collective working towards supporting trans communities across Tamil Nadu: Donate to Emergency and Disaster Relief (

The Trans Rights Now Collective is a Dalit Bahujan Adivasi centered collective of trans people working across India towards equal opportunities for trans persons in education, workplace, and politics. The discussion focused on the current fight for horizontal reservations for trans persons in India and you are urged to sign and share the petition here to endorse this cause: Endorsement for Horizontal Reservation for Transgender Persons (

A compilation of resources to help understand issues of caste and gender in India (opens in new tab).

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