Climate Feminism

There is a mass of information about climate change as any search engine will reveal, so this page will mainly focus on material specifically relevant to women and girls.


Red Rebels in York Station 31st October 2022

Rebecca Solnit ‘Ten ways to confront the climate crisis without losing hope’ 18 November 2021:

Women’s Environmental Network
Well-established website useful for facts, history, COP26 information, and for a focus on specific issues in more depth such as air quality and food. The whole website is useful, but this is a good start: Why women and climate change?

She Changes Climate: Started as a UK / International advocacy group to challenge and change the gender inequality in COP26, the website also includes helpful resources on women and climate.

ENERGIA: “Gender equality and energy access are inextricably linked, and addressing them together can offer multiple development gains, including poverty reduction, food security, health, education, clean water and sanitation, jobs, innovation, reduced inequality, and climate protection.”


Youth rally BBC report:

Greta Thunberg speaking about the failure of COP26:

And here’s a simple, if somewhat sceptical, explanation of COP26 :

Gender Day, 9 November 2021:

Climate Sisters at COP26: creative projects


Mary Robinson, Climate Justice: A Man-Made Problem With a Feminist Solution, Bloomsbury, 2018.

Rachel Sarah, Girl Warriors: How 25 Young Activists Are Saving the Earth, Chicago Review Press, 2021.

Paola Gianturco and Avery Sangster, COOL: Women Leaders Reversing Global Warming, Powerhouse Books, 2021.

Greta Thunberg, No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference, Penguin, 2019.

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