Call for Events

theme for 2022 
deadline for submissions: 9th January 2022

York International Women’s Week invites you to organise an event that places women and girls at the heart of climate change. We encourage creative and varied links to the theme, from everyday concerns to the big challenges. We also welcome events that fall outside the main theme, but are important to women and girls, in our ‘open strand’. 

Why ‘Climate Feminism’?  While climate change is global, it does not affect everyone equally: rich nations consume disproportionate earth resources, are reluctant to curtail citizens’ quality of life, and thus continue to accelerate the climate emergency. And across all countries climate change is neither gender-neutral nor gender-equal. The United Nations estimate that 80% of people displaced by climate change are women; men have a larger carbon footprint than women; the top 1% of income earners, who are overwhelmingly male, are responsible for more carbon emissions on the planet than the bottom 50% of earners.

These are stark statistics, and YIWW invites you to organise events that have the relationship of climate change to women and girls at their heart. We welcome events that address everyday activities as well as those which tackle the big issues head on. For instance, sessions on growing your own veg, mending household appliances, or swapping clothes are all immediately useful and save Earth’s resources. We encourage imaginative connections and quite ‘loose’ interpretations of the theme in order to open up meanings of climate change for women.

How can we act local and think global around environmental concerns? In what ways can we balance individual shifts in behaviour with structural inequalities including age, class, dis/ability, ethnicity, gender, geography, race, and sexuality? What connections are there between younger women newly engaged in eco-activism and older women seasoned in campaigning for a more sustainable Earth. Do women have a special relationship to ‘Mother Nature’?  We might consider women as saviours; as victims; as consumers; as entrepreneurs; as eco-poets, artists, cooks, gardeners; as home-makers; as agents of change; and much more.  What can we do now about climate change? 

Why an ‘open strand’ as well?  While the programme will focus on the climate emergency, we know there are many other issues vital to the lives of women and girls and we are therefore keen to make space for events outside the main theme.

YIWW is eager to keep developing the programme so that it is open to many voices, and we actively seek events which are organised by, or otherwise benefit women and girls who are ‘marginalised’ in some way.  

YIWW is a community event, coordinated by a core group of volunteers. We invite applications for events of many shapes and sizes hosted by organisations, groups of friends or colleagues, or individuals. We welcome creativity and surprises, so please don’t be shy with your suggestions!  Events can be in-person, online, or a mixture of both. 

Our aim is to offer an accessible and exciting programme for all self-identified women and those who support them. We warmly welcome back our regular organisers who have helped to develop such valuable YIWW programmes over the years, as well as encourage new organisers interested in feminism, and climate change to join us.

Most events will take place during 5th-13th March 2022, however we may be able to accept relevant events either side of those dates, so please ask us.  When planning your event please consider accessibility and (Covid) safety. In-person events need to be held in line with Covid-19 guidelines, and all events should take account of dis/ability access. All events should be non-profit, either free or only charging participants in order to cover expenses or fundraise for a women’s organisation. Most events in past years were free.

Working together: YIWW is volunteer-run and our main task is to coordinate events organised by others; we will do our best to help especially if this is a new venture for you:

  • Event advice: if you have an idea but are unsure if it fits the theme, or if you want to discuss how to go about organising an event, please email us please email us and we will help where we can. 
  • If you are organising an online event please check out the Event Guides on the website. We may be able to offer technical support thanks to some funding from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.
  • Once applications are submitted, we’ll organise an optional short Zoom meeting for organisers for queries, advice & mutual support. If Zoom is new to you we’ll help you join in.
  • As part of YIWW2022 we expect you to advertise your own event as well as the whole YIWW Programme, as in this way YIWW organisers support each other and open up events to new people.
  • Social Media Workshop: we will offer a free online session for organisers on using social media to promote events, details in January.
  • We will design and locally distribute thousands of printed Programmes and flyers – if you can distribute some let us know.
  • We will promote your event via our website and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and in local media.

Good luck planning your event – we look forward to seeing your ideas.

Best Wishes from the YIWW Coordinating Group:
Rose, Penny, Olivia, Martha, Marilyn, Lizzie, Kate, June, Candi and Ann.


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