As it Happened

This page features photos, images, links and comments for those who missed ab event to find out more, and for those who were lucky enough to attend to remember. A longer report will be posted on the website soon.

YORK SPOKEN WORD POETRY AND PROSE OPEN MIC: Tuesday 2nd March. “Thanks all for a good night’s poetry”;  (To one poet) “Thank you for your powerful, courageous words”;   “Amazing night, thanks all”. And here’s an image of Kate Jenkinson speaking her words, while tears listen (image posted with permission from all those featured). More info on future Open Mic sessions:

woman in blue hat, with eyes closed, speaking her words

FAIRTRADE CONNECTIONS: FARMING IN A TIME OF COVID Friday 5th March. Zoom link-up with Immaculate Ochieno, East Africa Lending Manager (based in Kenya) & Kodzo Korkortsi, Programme Manager for the Shared Interest Foundation (based in Ghana) to find out more about projects supporting women.  Find out more via and this video of the YIWW2021 event (both open in new tabs)

woman picking fruit

FROK (The UK Friends of Khwendo Kor): Saturday 6th March: ‘Sharing Women’s Pandemic Experiences From York and Northwest Pakistan’. Link to video of event; Frok website to find out more and support Khwendo Kor; And here’s a wonderful wordcloud created by FROK and KK women to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021

Femmes Fortissimo: Sunday 7th March. Alongside discussion about being in the band, we were treated to two pieces from some of their members: ‘Eventide’, marking the losses many have had during the pandemic, and ‘I will Survive’, a joyous few minutes of hope. See the videos on their webpage (opens in new tab).
Here’s the full event video on YouTube: (opens in new tab). And here’s FF marking IWD2021:

seven zoom screens of eight women making the #choosetochange 2021 IWD gesture of hand raised, palm facing screen

St Nicks Celebrate YIWW creating light in the dark:  Thursday 11th March. A craft demonstration on how to make a nature decorated candle holder, followed by Trataka, the ancient art of candle gazing. See below to download their Powerpoint instructions for making a candle, and a photo of some crafters with their candles made at the event. More details of York’s St Nicks Centre for Nature and Green Living (opens in new tab).

Women and Natural Medicine in Times of Plague: Saturday 13th March. A panel of specialists in their fields of Nutrition, Homeopathy, Emotional Resilience, Herbalism and Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture discussed how these techniques have been used down the centuries and millennia (mostly by women) to help people through many plague times and times of turbulence.

Link to video of presentations here:

Finding Connection in a Time of Separation: Sunday 14th March. This event was planned as an in-person walk in the woods, but still managed to be a wonderful breath of virtual fresh air – see the image below of women connecting though physically separate. To find out about woodland-orientated coaching, in a covid-secure woodland space, online, or by phone, see (opens in new tab).

KYRA: events all week, “KYRA are a registered charity in York that exists to help local women make positive change in their lives. We offer a range of courses, therapies, life skills and events for women, all from our relaxed, comfy, city centre location. the kettle is always on. Our door will always be open until every woman in our area feels safe, supported and able to be the person they were always meant to be.”
This is a link to the video they showed at their launch on 8th March: About Us – kyra Find out more:

A PIECE OF MY JIGSAW – Real People Theatre online workshop 13 March 21
Real People Theatre has created a show or workshop for YIWW for the last 22 years and you can find them all at
You can watch the 2021 workshop on YouTube by following these links:
A Piece of My Jigsaw Monologues:
A Piece of My Jigsaw Collage:!